Looking to get more money out?

Funding sources on Helix can connect with brokers/originators all over the country to offer loan terms to their borrowers to get more of your money out!

Funding sources on Helix can connect with brokers/originators all over the country to offer loan terms to their borrowers to get more of your money out!

As a Private Money Lender you need to get your money out with compliance, speed, and safety. Helix Money provides a platform to connect with multiple licensed brokers/originators throughout the country, easily identify if they are quality originators, and offer your loan terms to their borrowers. Additionally, once a borrower has applied for a loan, Helix Money allows you to be involved in every step of the loan to ensure the loan being originated is one you want to fund. All loan terms can be edited by you during any step of the loan! The one who funds remains in control.

Once the loan is funded you will be able to service the loan on your own and properly report loan performance to investors.


Looking for more loan terms to offer to your borrowers?

Brokers and Originators can connect with lenders in Helix Money and gain access to their funds to offer more loan terms and options to your borrowers!


As a Broker or Originator you need to ensure you are offering the best possible loan terms to your borrowers to maintain borrower loyalty and retention. Helix Money allows you to connect with lenders willing to fund Private Money loans in your state of business. Once a relationship is established you are able to obtain new loan term options and assign them to your current borrowers with one click! From there, your borrowers in the Helix Money system are automatically notified of the new loan terms available.


With one view you can see how much capital is currently in force, how much capital is available, and see projec- tions on how much capital will be moving over the next 30 days! These projections are all based on anticipated pay o  dates, draw schedules, funding dates on new pending loans, and more. These features will help you stay ahead of the curve on when you need to raise capi- tal and when you need to fund more loans! This screen also shows in force funds distribution from two di erent perspectives. It will show you how much money is attached to each property through the “funds in force distribution by property address? feature, and it will show you how much money has been invested into the fund by each of your investors through the “funds in force distribution by investor? feature.


On Helix Money your Investors have online access to see where their invested funds are at. You have the option of showing them speci c information such as the property addresses their money is attached to, the status of each loan pending or funded, and the rate of return they receive on each of those speci c loans. You also have the option of hiding that speci c information and simply showing your Investors how much of their funds are in force, how much is pending, and how much is not invested. This is one simple online screen, with your company branding, for your Inves- tors to log in and check the status of their investment.


With the Helix Money system you are able to have a table view of all your loans. See information like loan number, borrower, property address, loan status, loan amount, desired funding date, and other important pieces of data. What’s more is the ability to create a customized list of required documents needed for each loan. Through this feature you, your sta , and the borrower can see what documents are needed in order to make the loan  le complete. From this screen you are able to upload documents for all to see, upload docu- ments for only you and your sta  to see, and delete doc- uments that were previously uploaded. This online checklist and document storage system makes it easy to keep each loan organized and compliant.